Our goal is to aspire to the international elite of designers.

We strive for this through designing on the highest level and understanding the balance between the timelessness of luxury and the functionality of the project.

Our mission is 100% commitment to every project.


We provide more than just design - we provide a detailed, comprehensive approach to services.

Our clients can expect the highest level of service that meets the most specific requirements.

Excellent customer service and transparent communication with the client are the most important for us.


We are for You - to realize Your vision.

Why Artemida Design?

an interior is the natural projection of the soul

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Artemida Design

Aneta Czerniawska

Architektura wnętrz - projektowanie - aranżacja

Perfectionism is my greatest asset as well as ambition and professionalism. All these features are ideally suited to the architect's profession, where every detail is of great importance.

It is important for me to adjust the interior to the character and needs of the client. Creating a perfect space that meets the expectations of every household member.

I dedicate my projects to brave people and determined. Valuing unique style, the highest quality and elegance.



Architectural workshop, which is characterized by an individual approach to each new project. The main intention is to create a functional space.

Maximum aesthetic use of the designed space, with great attention to the smallest detail. Ideally suited to the nature and needs of the owners.

We advise the best possible solutions that will meet the idea of ​​the whole.

We work with the best subcontractors, thanks to which we are able to perform even the most difficult solutions in the highest quality possible.