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Architectural tips

30 December 2019
Architektura - projektowanie - aranżacja - design

Indoor stairs, how to deal with this?


There are several types of stairs. We adjust them to the surface they can take, to the height of the rooms, the style of the interior and the budget we have.

We have single-, double- and three-flight stairs. In two- and three-flight stairs it is necessary to use a landing, which generates a higher cost of stairs and requires a larger area.


The next factor we have to decide is the use of a railing.

In this case, we must have all household members in mind to decide about its need.

The need to use a railing can meaningly increase the cost of stairs. The next factor that makes up the cost of the railing is the material from which it will be made. The cheapest classic railing solution would be to use a model with a wooden handrail and metal balusters.

If you prefer less classic solutions and you like maritime style, then we recommend using the rope itself or in combination with wood.


If you decide on a more effective solution, we recommend using a glass pane or laser cut sheet.

Both of these solutions look great when choosing a spiral staircase.


The cheapest stairs, which also fit into the minimalist atmosphere, suitable for people who like natural, simple solutions, we recommend a single-flight, straight stairs. Ready-made models made of mosaic glued beech and powder-coated steel, for example. These types of solutions will also fit into industrial interiors with proper selection of materials.


The more expensive option will be the use of stainless steel stairs, while the most expensive with the dominant glass.


In the cheapest, low-budget version, we recommend using beech wood steps 4 cm thick. For comparison, in some carpet versions, the thickness of the step reaches up to 8 cm.


The most expensive and the most effective option will be the use of openwork stairs with the use of risers. These are decorative stairs that will dominate the interior.

From this type of stairs we can distinguish the most expensive solution that fits into the interior in the style of art dèco, in a glamor atmosphere. In such interiors, we offer elegant, luxurious solutions of the highest quality. We choose unusual solutions that often resemble works of art.

The use of spiral stairs in such a finish will enhance the glamor effect.


Proper lighting of stairs, for example led strips of individual steps, or a finishing strip is a great decorative and functional treatment. Unfortunately, we must remember that this is an additional cost.


Please note that we have to add the cost of assembly to the price of the stairs. It will be lower for classic, straight single-flight stairs. However, the cost will increase with larger, more advanced constructions.

Indoor stairs. How to choose perfect stairs for the interior and fit in the budget?